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10 Journal Prompts for Body Acceptance

10 Journal Prompts for Body Acceptance | Simply Nurtured

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of journaling!

As I mentioned in a previous post, journaling is a way to process our emotions, pause to reflect and bring awareness to how you currently view your body and bring clarity to the situation at hand. Journaling also helps us to identify patterns, limiting beliefs, and the parts of our body that we can be grateful for right now.

For myself, I find journaling as a way to really challenge that negative self-talk that is happening on repeat. It's a space to question the reality of who we are in body, mind and spirit. Giving yourself the time and space to get to know yourself better is one of the greatest gifts.

Body Acceptance is the 2nd stage to Loving Your Body. Acceptance does not mean giving up but acknowledging what is. And when you deny or avoid looking at your body you may be causing yourself more pain or suffering. Acceptance is simply acknowledging the reality of your body. It is making peace with your body instead of fighting it. It is knowing that you do have a choice and at some point, you may choose to change it but right now at this moment, you are at peace with it. Because right now all you can do is choose your attitude or perception of it. Acceptance is a choice.

10 Journal Prompts for Body Acceptance

  1. How do you currently view your body?

  2. When do you first remember feeling/thinking this way?

  3. What impacts how you view yourself?

  4. What have you denied yourself because you haven't accepted your body?

  5. How do you define 'body acceptance'?

  6. What is stopping you from accepting your body right now?

  7. How would your life be different if you accepted your body?

  8. If your body could talk, what would it say to you?

  9. When do you feel best in your body?

  10. What are 10 things that you can be grateful for about your body? Pro tip: focus on what it does for you and less on what it looks like.

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What to do next...

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