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The 5 Stages to Loving Your Body

It’s no secret that going from hating your body to loving your body doesn’t happen overnight. You may have spent years, decades or your entire life battling with your body and beating it up every chance you’ve got. So it's no wonder that it’s going to take some time and deliberate effort to shift your mentality to one of love.

5 Stages to Loving Your Body | Simply Nurtured

I like to think of the process in 5 Stages to Loving Your Body:

  1. Recognizing the negative mental battle with your body. If you’re not aware of how your negative self-talk (or actions) about your body is affecting your relationship with it – it will be almost impossible to move forward on this journey.

  2. Acceptance for what is. Acceptance does not mean giving up but acknowledging what is. And when you deny or avoid looking at your body you may be causing yourself more pain or suffering. Acceptance is simply acknowledging the reality of your body. It is making peace with your body instead of fighting it. It is knowing that you do have a choice and at some point, you may choose to change it but right now at this moment, you are at peace with it. Because right now all you can do is choose your attitude or perception of it. Acceptance is a choice. So, what are you choosing to accept about your body?

  3. Awareness that it was never about your body. Bringing awareness that our battle with our bodies was never really about our bodies at all, but self. It is only that your body is the reflection staring back at you that makes it the easy target to judge.

  4. Becoming neutral. Body neutrality offers a space to observe your thoughts and body without judgement or forced positivity. To go from body hate to saying “I love my body.” in a mirror can feel gross and like a bold lie. So maybe you’re willing to like your body or willing to feel neutral about your body and that’s okay! In this stage, I like to focus on what my body can do for me as opposed to what my body looks like.

  5. Love your body. I believe loving your body is really about embodying and practice self-love at the physical body, emotional body and energetic body levels. Loving your body begins from the inside out not outside in as we’re led to believe. No amount of weight loss will lead you to magically love the body that you’ve been hating on for years.

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