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Simply Nurtured | Holistic Nutritionist | Food Freedom Coach


I'm Jenna.

I’m here to walk alongside you on this journey. I’ve been where you're at and I understand what it takes to move forward.


That’s why I have made it my mission to empower you and inspire you to raise your vibration of love for yourself. I’m dedicated to helping you enhance your physical and mental well-being so that you can do anything!


I’m a born-and-raised Albertan farm girl with nothing more than a passion and a dream to help others find freedom from food and connection to themselves.


My passion for this work was sparked by my own need for it. What I have learned through a dark depression, an endless emotional eating binge cycle, and years of self-loathing is that it is really hard to go at it alone.

Through nutrition & mindset coaching, online training programs, an up-and-coming podcast, and an international audience, I help people like you allow food to be a part of your life without controlling it and to heal the relationship that you have with your body by inspiring meaningful actions.

Simply Nurtured | Holistic Nutritionist | Food Freedom & Body Love


For as long as I can remember, I used food as comfort. My unhealthy relationship with food resulted in a struggle with obesity. When I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture in 2010, my weight had climbed to 295 pounds. The day I stepped on the scale and saw that number staring back at me was a turning point in my life. It was at that moment that I vowed I would never reach 300 pounds.

That vow came at the price of the vicious cycle of deprivation and binge eating. Three years later and I was still in the same perpetuating cycle, extremely unhealthy - both physically & mentally, and full of self-loathing. Something deep inside me shifted in 2013,


I knew that I could no longer live like this and thus began a journey that would lead me to my purpose.


I began to heal my relationship with food by allowing myself to feel, moving my body and connecting with myself like I never had before.


I realized that the foods that I choose to eat regularly greatly impacted my energy, my sleep, my mental health, and my emotions.


It was an ah-ha moment that led me to a 130-pound weight loss and to study nutrition.


Enter the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I am a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™ and a Precision Nutrition Level One Coach.

Simply Nurtured | Holistic Nutritionist | Food Freedom & Body Love

It is through my formal education and experience, I believe nutrient-dense foods are the key to optimal health. Nurturing the body starts with whole food. But I also believe it’s not about the food.


How we view food and our relationships towards food is the bigger issue. Our relationship with food is directly related to our relationship with ourselves. The moment that sinks in, you realize food is neither “good” nor “bad”, it’s just-food. Our choices around food are far more complex than counting calories and avoiding “carbs”


It’s my commitment to help you understand why you choose certain foods, how different foods make you feel (both physically and emotionally), and how changing your relationship with food creates a ripple effect on your relationship with yourself, your family and your community, forever transformed.

Simply Nurtured | Holistic Nutritionist | Food Freedom Coach

If you’ve read this far, THANK YOU, it means the world to me that you’re here! I know this is just the beginning of our relationship and I’d love to learn more about you.


The best way for us to stay connected is to make sure you join our Nurtured Tribe - just click here and enter your name and email. You’ll get my most inspiring content delivered straight to your inbox, plus subscriber-only content you can’t find anywhere else – including a downloadable workbook to Create More Love for Yourself.


I mostly hang out on Instagram though, so if we’re not connected yet, come & say ‘Hi!’


You’ll also occasionally find me on Facebook, in my private Facebook Group, Twitter and YouTube!


Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me and excited to connect with you!



Precision Nutrition Level One Coach
Simply Nurtured | Holistic Nutritionist
Simply Nurtured | Holistic Nutritionist | Food Freedom Coach
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