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8 Evening Habits to Set You Up for a Better Tomorrow

I believe a better tomorrow starts with the night ahead. Having solid evening habits sets the tone for the next day. They also really make the difference when it comes to getting your butt to bed on time so you can wake up when you need to!

Trust me I get how hard it can be to actually turn the TV off at night when Netflix plays episodes continuously for you and you just have to know what happens to McDreamy next. But I also know that the blue light emitted from my TV supresses my melatonin production and really does affect the quality of sleep that I have.

And if you’re like me, you thrive with routines. After working on my morning routine, I knew that focusing on what I did in the evenings was just as important.

I like to think of my morning and evening routines as bookends for my day.

Building solid evening habits can really help you:

  • to have a more restful and higher-quality sleep.

  • to be able to tackle your morning easier.

  • to be sharper cognitively throughout the next day.

8 Evening Habits to Set You Up for a Better Tomorrow

Here are 8 evening habits to set you up for a better tomorrow:

  1. Prep for tomorrow - What ways can you prepare your morning? That may be making sure your lunch (and/or breakfast) is ready to grab. Choosing what you want to wear tomorrow. Getting your gym bag ready. Writing down any tasks that you need to accomplish tomorrow.

  2. Set timers - The benefit of living in this technological age is that most devices have timers that either lock you out of apps or turn off your TV for you. Use them to your advantage! Set the sleep timer on your TV to turn off an hour before your bedtime. Set screen time limits on your smart phone or tablet. They’re just another reminder to get to bed on time.

  3. Set a bedtime alarm - I realize this may sound a bit ridiculous but it really does make a huge difference. The audio reminder to go to bed will help pull you out of the social media rabbit hole that you just went down. And with a bedtime alarm, set an appropriate bedtime! Count back 8 hours from your desired wake up time and stick with it. I also recommend sticking as close as possible to your bedtime and wake time on weekends, trust me it makes Monday mornings waaay eaiser.

  4. Read a book - Depending on what you read, it can be a great way to prepare for sleep. Reading is typically less stimulating than watching TV or scrolling social media (at the very least there’s no blue light being emitted). Not sure what to read? Check out some of my favourites here!

  5. Reflect and mind dump - If you’re one of those people whose mind never stops (I’m with ya!) Journaling at bedtime can be an effective way to get it all out on paper.

  6. Offer gratitude - Offering gratitude for people, events, things, yourself, or your body changes your relationship to them. Daily gratitude lists really can help you lead a healthy and happy life. I suggest writing down 10 things you are grateful for each day.

  7. Meditate - You probably know by now, that I’m a huge fan of meditation. But it may help you sleep better because it can quiet the mind and enhance relaxation of your body. A body scan meditation is perfect for bedtime!

  8. Practice sleep hygiene - Turning off screens an hour before your bedtime can really help you sleep better because it minimizes exposure to blue light. Make your room as dark as possible (blackout curtains are worth every penny!). Turn the thermostat down to 18-19° C.

What to do next...

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