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44 Affirmations for Self-Love

Affirmations were one of the key tools I used to transform my relationship with my body.

They are words that gratify your emotional well-being. I often think of affirmations like giving a compliment to myself.

When using affirmations I believe it is key to choose one that feels true at this moment in time. For me, telling myself “I love you” was way too far from the truth that it not only felt gross and uncomfortable but it also didn't land because I didn't believe it. This is why my first affirmation was “I am willing to like you” because that was true. I was willing to. And the word “like” felt more authentic to me.

I like to think of affirmations as shoes, try one on and if it doesn't fit put it aside. There is no one universal affirmation for everyone. Discovering what fits for you for this season of life that you are in right now is part of the process.

Use the affirmations listed below to inspire you to create, reword and find an affirmation that fits for you right now.

  1. I love my body.

  2. I am willing to love my body.

  3. I am willing to like my body.

  4. I am grounded.

  5. Life loves me and I love being here.

  6. I claim good health.

  7. I claim a healthy body.

  8. My needs are always met.

  9. I am safe, protected and secure.

  10. I am always safe.

  11. I forgive myself.

  12. I am enough.

  13. I am worthy.

  14. I matter.

  15. I choose my body.

  16. I become more compassionate towards my body every day.

  17. I love who I am.

  18. I love who I am becoming.

  19. I am beautiful.

  20. I am willing to see my beauty.

  21. I am grateful for my body.

  22. I am deserving of love.

  23. I am more than a body.