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What is Food Freedom?

Simply Nurtured | What is food freedom?

I believe that everyone has a different relationship with food. But for me to have food freedom means that food is no longer on the forefront of my mind. It means that I no longer obsess about when I will be able to have food next because (and this is the key!) it no longer provides me the sole comfort in my life.

For the longest time (28 years to be exact) I used food as a crutch. It was the only coping mechanism that I had. Eating had become an obsessive event where all I would really think about is when and what my next meal would be. It was a distraction from truly feeling my emotions. It also took up A LOT of brainpower.

To me, food freedom is about feeling in control around food, ending emotional eating, and no longer living by ridiculous food rules. It is about giving myself permission to enjoy food for what it is and to recognize what it is not.

The thing about food freedom is that it gives me space to just be me. It gives me the awareness of how different foods feel in my body and how good my body (and mind) can really feel. It’s allowed me to consciously choose foods that make my specific body feel really good and set boundaries for what doesn’t feel good in my body.

Food freedom has taught me that the intention behind my food choices is key. When the intention used to be one of trying to control food and my body – my mind rebelled with an overwhelming desire to eat more. Even if now, I choose to eat the exact same foods I was previously forcing myself to eat – the intention is different. The intention comes from a place of love and relaxation, freedom knowing that I can eat anything I choose but I choose to eat foods that align with my body’s desire to feel good.

Having food freedom means I can (and do) accept invitations for pizza night, pho dates or dinners at the in-laws because I am no longer obsessed with counting, measuring or trying not to lose control around food.

My worth is not determined by the quantity or type of food on my plate. The foods that I eat no longer dictate who I am as a person. I am not bad if I eat cake and I am not good if I eat a salad. I just am.

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