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Eat, Drink & Be Mindful

The Holidays may be filled with mixed emotions but that doesn't mean you have to be on an emotional eating roller coaster.

2020 has been an interesting year and even if the holidays look a little different this year that doesn't mean the emotions that normally surface this time of year are in isolation (they're probably running even more rampant right now...)!

I believe the 1st step to overcoming emotional eating is awareness. When you are aware of your triggers and are able to identify them as triggers you can choose a new path.

With that let's dive into those emotional holiday triggers! I also think it’s important to recognize that these triggers are there all year round.

A trigger is a reaction that is tied to our conditions of the past. It is your immediate more instinctive reaction that lacks any thought process. I think one of the key steps to overwriting your instinctive reaction is to understand your triggers.

What is it about the holidays that triggers you to eat out of control? And what can you do about them right now?

holiday emotional eating

Here are a few common triggers:

1. Financial stress.

Finances are probably one of the largest stressors for people over the holidays or maybe any time of the year.

Have you set a holiday budget? Can you make Christmas more about the memories and less about buying gifts? Or maybe you make gifts? What does the spirit of Christmas truly mean to you?

2. Last-minute shopping stress or feeling Overwhelmed.

Stressing about last-minute shopping isn’t going to help solve the issue and either will a cinnamon bun from the food court.

When you’re in that anxious state, what would be more helpful than eating? What would help you release tension? Would 5-minute meditation help you approach your holiday tasks with a new calm mindset that allows you to tackle them efficiently?

Or maybe it’s just taking 6 deep breaths that can calm your nervous syst