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Why You Should Chew Your Food

Why You Should Chew Your Food

The most common recommendation that I give my clients is... Chew your food more.

It may seem obvious but so often we eat without really chewing (I'm guilty too!). And if we're eating mindlessly, which is often the case, do you ever remember chewing at all? Sure a couple of chews here and there but properly chewing your food is going to take more than that.

Chewing is arguably one of the most crucial pieces of digestion. Chewing is the 1st step to digestion and unlike other digestive processes, it requires conscious control. Sure you could unconsciously inhale your food - but how's that working for you?

Contrary to popular belief the stomach is not fully able to break down improperly chewed food. The rest of your digestive system has to work harder when you don't chew enough. Also, there's the fun fact that your stomach doesn't have taste buds. So if you're essentially swallowing your food whole, are you actually tasting it and enjoying it?

I'm guessing not so much, which is why most of us tend to overeat. Chewing is an important part of mouth hunger. The mouth's desire for pleasurable senses varies from person to person. When we mindlessly eat, our mouth may still be hungry because it wants the pleasurable sensations from when we chew and are present. Having the second helping to satisfy mouth hunger, leaves our stomachs groaning from too much food.

I encourage you to try chewing your food 20x per bite and notice what changes for you. Do you notice textures and flavours that you missed before? Do you naturally eat less because you feel satisfied more? Are you more aware of your body's fullness cues?

Be sure to let me know your experience by leaving a comment below!

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