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5 Must-Have Apps for Your Health

We live in a day and age where we are highly connected to our phones. I know I go into panic mode as my iPhone reaches 30% (or less) battery life because what on earth would I do without it?! On a side note, it can be extremely beneficial for your sleep if you put the phone down an hour before bed. And if you are going to pick it up, I suggest switching it to night mode. At 8 pm every evening my phone automatically turns to a lovely amber tint so that the blue light emitted from my screen doesn’t affect my melatonin production. And all my apps on my phone basically lock me out at 9:30 pm as another reminder to put it down and go get some shut-eye. But I digress…

Since we are on our phones a lot, we can use them to our benefit! These are my 5 favourite apps for both physical and mental health.

5 Must-Have Apps for Your Health

You probably know by now that I’m a huge fan of meditation. And the fact that science is now proving wide-ranging health benefits from meditation such as decreasing stress to improving sleep. The thing I hear most when I bring up meditation with clients is “oh, I’m not good at meditating.” I’ll let you in on a secret…. No one is good at meditating… The best advice I can give you is to be gentle with yourself and let go of this idea that you need to be good at it and just do it. You also don’t need to meditate for hours a day to start noticing benefits. Start small and start today. The meditations in Headspace can help get you started.

2. Clue.

Are you tracking your cycle? Because I think you should be… I think when women begin to track their cycles it helps them to understand their unique patterns better. With the detailed history Clue allows you to have, you will naturally feel more in control of your menstruation and increase your awareness of your overall health. Tracking your cycle may also give you a better insight to your moods and how they relate to your hormones. You’ll also know when exactly you’re ovulating which can be helpful depending on your goals.

What I love about Streaks is that you can be your own accountability! I work with so many clients that just need accountability to stick with their goals. (I even have monthly accountability membership.) But regardless, this app may allow you to keep yourself accountable. You can track up to 12 new habits or tasks that you want to develop as part of your healthy lifestyle. You can use it to motivate, remind and encourage you to work towards your goals.

I first discovered this app in a group therapy session. And I think it’s really been a game-changer for my mental health. When experiencing an event that has triggered me in any way I can open the app, write out the situation and how I am really feeling at that moment. Then the app guides you through challenging your thought patterns. i.e. Even though this event happened it is not a reflection of my worth. Working through this process has helped me go from feeling extremely anxious to calm and reasonable in a matter of minutes. I highly recommend you try it!

While I regularly attended classes at the gym, sometimes I take in a little fitness outside of the gym. What I love about Aaptiv is the variety of instructor-led workouts on my phone. Not only can Aaptiv provide you with a variety of workouts including stretching (something that I’m working on incorporating more frequently) it also includes upbeat music to keep you motivated throughout your workout.

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