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Together, we’ll transform your physical & mental well-being so that you can feel your very best. It's more than a nutrition plan, it's a self-love revolution. I'm here to support you. 

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- Jenna Lessner, Emotional Eating Coach

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Orsha Maygar, CEO & Founder, NeuroTrition Inc.

" This is  Jenna’s passion and daily inspiration because this approach completely changed her life — and she’s going to make sure it changes yours, too.


Nurturing  Beginnings

Hi, I'm Jenna. An Emotional Eating Coach. Personally losing 130 pounds and my formal education has taught me that as members of the animal kingdom we weren’t meant to consume unnatural foods. And keeping the weight off for 5 years has taught me it was never about the food...

At age 6, I was full-on body shaming myself. At the end of grade one, my teacher sent us home on summer vacation with two photos. One from the first day of class and one from the end of the school year. I remember the moment clearly. I looked at those side by side photos and the judgment entered. I AM FAT. That memory is as clear to me as it happened yesterday. I weep for that little girl. She has no idea. She has no idea the ramifications of that thought or how that single thought would shape the remainder of her life, how that thought would become her story for the next 26 years.


I remember the first time I thought I was fat… I was six.


I was looking for someone to help me get healthy, lose weight, and make me accountable - I found this in Jenna! I highly recommend her for anyone looking for the same things!!

—  Rosa Thomson

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