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Simply Nurtured | Holistic Nutritionist | Food Freedom & Body Love


Simply Nurtured | Holistic Nutritionist | Food Freedom & Body Love

Are you ready to Stop Emotional Eating & Start Loving Yourself?

Let's see how I can support you.


Why should you book a Discovery Call?

Simply Nurtured Holistic Nutritionist


Rest assured that your nutrition program will be completely customized to your nutritional needs, goals, tastes, likes and preferences when it comes to food. Nutrition programs are  also built to support your lifestyle, cooking ability & family.

Simply Nurtured Holistic Nutritionist


I'm here to support you to the best of my ability. Though my programs do have a certain structure to them - each one is customized to meet you where you're at on your journey. Because it is, in fact, YOUR journey that I am here to assist you on.

Simply Nurtured Holistic Nutritionist


As your coach, I will continue to guide you to learn and grow. It is a love of learning and resiliency is essential to live an empowered life. A growth mindset means that we view any challenges you face as opportunities to improve and learn new skills that build emotional resiliency.

Here's what past clients have to say...

Simply Nurtured Holistic Nutritionist

I teach women, like you, to rediscover a healthy & joyful relationship with food and their bodies.

Nutrition & Mindset Coaching

that is custom to you, meeting you where you're at and helping you reach where you want to be.

Simply Nurtured Holistic Nutritionist

I'm Jenna,

Your Food Freedom, Body Love & Nutrition Coach!

My passion for this work was sparked by my own need for it. What I have learned through a dark depression, an endless emotional eating binge cycle, and years of self-loathing is that it is really hard to go at it alone.

For as long as I can remember, I used food as comfort. My unhealthy relationship with food resulted in a struggle with obesity. When I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture in 2010, my weight had climbed to 295 pounds.


The day I stepped on the scale and saw that number staring back at me was a turning point in my life. It was at that moment that I vowed I would never reach 300 pounds...


Don't feel that way? You will!

Together, we’ll transform your physical & mental well-being so that you can feel your very best. It's more than a nutrition plan, it's a self-love revolution. I'm here to support you. 

Here’s what you can learn in one of my programs:

How to nurture your body from the inside out

by finding foods that help make you feel the most energized, stabilize hormones, and make you feel good in your skin!

How to create more love for your body

through self-compassion, gratitude and mindfulness practices.

How to increase your body awareness

so that you know exactly what your body, mind and spirit need - long after your program has ended.

How to create simple healthy meals

for yourself and your family that promote longevity and overall well-being.

How to identify and process your emotions

that are leading you to comfort with food.