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Holistic Institute of Health & Fertility has partnered with Simply Nurtured!

Welcome to Custom Nutrition for Every Stage on Your Journey to Motherhood!

Let's see how I can support you.


Simply Nurtured Holistic Nutritionist

I'm Jenna,
Your Certifed Holistic Nutritional Consultant!

My passion for this work was sparked by my own need for it. What I have learned through years of personal health struggles and coaching women is that it is really hard to go at it alone.​

Through my own struggles with food and fertility, I've come to realize just how Powerful Food is. What we eat and how we eat have the power to change our inner landscape and fruitful develop a miraculous bundle of joy in 9 months.

My holistic approach is designed to support you, no what where you are at, through nutrition and lifestyle factors that are impacting your health, including your ability to conceive, and supporting your physical, mental, and emotional needs during pregnancy and postpartum.


I’m here to walk alongside you on this journey. I’ve been where you're at and I am here to guide you on your Journey to Motherhood!


Why Holistic Nutrition Coaching?


Rest assured that your nutrition program will be completely customized to your nutritional needs, goals, tastes, likes and preferences when it comes to food. Nutrition programs are  also built to support your lifestyle, cooking ability & family.


I'm here to support you to the best of my ability. Though my programs do have a certain structure to them - each one is customized to meet you where you're at on your journey. Because it is, in fact, YOUR journey that I am here to assist you on.


It's more than nutrition! As a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and Mindset Coach, I don't just look at dietary protocols but how stress, sleep, movement, and mindset are also impacting your health, including your ability to conceive, support your physical, mental, and emotional needs during pregnancy and postpartum. 

What stage are you at in your journey?

Not seeing a program that suits you? Click here for more coaching options or book a Free Discovery Call to find the right program for you!

Here's what past clients have to say...

Fertility Nutrition | Simply Nurtured


There's no simpler way to put it than "You are what you eat." And when it comes to conception, nutrition can certainly play a huge role. This personalized program helps to lay the groundwork for a successful pregnancy and thereafter. Learn how to optimize conception with foods and nutritional choices.


Prenatal Nutrition | Simply Nurtured


Let's take the guesswork out of what, when, and how to eat while pregnant in this customized 12-week program that provides you with nutritional guidance for each trimester. This program is built around your and your baby's specific needs and pregnancy symptoms so that you can feel your best all 9 months. 


Postnatal Nutrition | Simply Nurtured


As a Mom, it may be easy to set aside your needs and put all your focus on your new bundle of joy, but taking care of your body and nutritional needs will only help your little one thrive (especially if you're breastfeeding)! This program helps guide you with nutritional and lifestyle choices that are specific to your postpartum needs.

Client Success Stories
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Here’s what you can learn in one of my programs:

How to nurture your body from the inside out

by finding foods that help support each stage of your journey and beyond!

How to increase your body awareness

so that you know exactly what your body, mind and spirit need - long after your program has ended.

How to create simple healthy meals

for yourself and your family that promote longevity and overall well-being.

How to identify and align lifestyle factors for your stage

that are impacting your fertility, prenatal, or postpartum care.