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Hire Me to Speak

Interested in booking me to speak at your event or facilitate a workshop? I'd be honoured to! Inquire about availability and booking below.

Jenna Lessner Motivational Speaker

Why Emotional Intelligence is Key

Everything that I teach begins with awareness. Learning how to witness, name and process our emotions allows us to move through them instead of getting stuck in them and allowing them to define our lives.

Jenna Lessner Motivational Speaker



From 295 pounds to Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Marathon Runner. Everyone's journey begins somewhere, you just need to take the first step.

Jenna Lessner Motivational Speaker

Rising up from Depression

One woman's story of overcoming adversity of mental health struggles. From wanting to end my own life to end the suffering to a spiritual awakening that has led me to hold space of others in need.

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