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A Nutritionists Perspective on Summer BBQs & Patio Beers

Ah, summer! Who doesn’t love the warm comforting feeling of sunshine and grilled foods? After 4 years of working closely with nutrition clients, there is one thing I know for sure – they ALL believe that it is hard to eat healthy in summer and socialize because… cue the sangria!

If you have ever had the thought “I want to lose weight but it's just so hard in patio season”, this is for you.

Here’s the thing – its not summer’s fault! During any season, you make choices on what you eat. You are responsible for the food that you consume, so own it. Stop beating yourself up (or blaming summer for your choices).

5 Tips for When You’re Indulging in Summer BBQs and Patio Beers

A Nutritionists Perspective on Summer BBQs & Patio Beers
  1. Check-in with your body BEFORE you go. How are you feeling today – physically, mentally, emotionally? Is there anything that you need before you socialize? – Maybe a glass (or two) of water?

  2. Make choices that are authentic to you. If that means ordering the patio beer than do it! But if it feels more authentic to order a glass of water right now than do that. I know we’ve all had peer pressure talks before – but it happens a lot with full-grown adults too. Remember to choose foods that make you feel good in your body.

  3. Be Present. Even in social situations, you can remember to breathe. When you are present with your breath you will be able to connect with what, when, and how much to eat. Trust me this works. Put the fork down and be present to the food your eating. You will not only be eating more mindfully but you’ll actually taste your food because – if you recall nothing else, remember this – your stomach does not have taste buds.

  4. Plan ahead. If your M.O. is usually berating yourself after a night of summer indulgence than plan for it. How can you remember to be kind to yourself the next day? Is it a sticky note to yourself? An alert on your phone? Putting a bottle of water on your nightstand, so you’ll remember to hydrate? Prepping a healthy breakfast that will support your body ahead of time?

  5. Own it. Had a few too many or indulged in your favourite summer dessert? Know that it’s okay to live your life and enjoy food. Let the guilt go and choose something that really makes your body feel good for your next meal.

What to do next...

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